Image Guide Surgery

Image Guided Surgery

Image guided surgery (IGS) is a state of the art technology that allows the surgeons to track instrumentation from various angles and to monitor the patient’s anatomy accurately along with preoperative or intraoperative images to guide them during the surgery. This enhances the safety of the surgery undertaken, especially in case of complicated patient anatomy.

Image Guided Surgery
Why Image Guided Surgery?

Why Image Guided Surgery?

  • It helps doctors in precise movement during the surgery.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • The surgeon can measure the position, size and location of tumors and plan the surgery and the desired access.
  • It may help achieve higher success rates with complex surgeries.
  • It is a comprehensive image source and the surgeon can navigate instantly with preparation time.
  • It has decreased radiation (fewer x-rays).
  • It is more reliable and accurate than manual calculation.
  • It provides real time alignment information for surgical tools.
  • It reduces the chances of revision surgeries by making sure that the surgery is done precisely and correctly the first time itself.

The Procedure

If the surgeon decides to use image-guided surgery, diagnostic scans will be done and treatment will be planned even before any incision is made on the patient. This helps the surgeon to navigate with visual guidance and allows for a more successful and targeted surgery. The procedure may be performed under anesthesia, in case the surgeon uses intra-operative image-guided surgery tools.
The system uses cameras, ultrasonic or electromagnetic fields to capture patient’s anatomy and displays the images on the computer screen in the operating theatre. These computerized systems are used pre- and intra-operation to help the surgeon with 3D images of the patient’s anatomy.
The Procedure
At Chanddni Hospital, Orthopaedic centre in Kota, we use the latest technology, Allengers U5u ultrahigh Frequency generator C-Arm Image Intensifier for image-guided surgery to treat all long bone fractures, fractures around the joints to get accurate alignment of the joint,orthopaedic surgeries such as joint replacement surgeries, in case of polytrauma patients, and also in spine surgeries. In orthopaedic surgeries and traumatology, in order to treat the bony structures or the interconnecting soft tissues that are located deep inside, image-guided surgery can help achieve precise intervention point. This helps not only to increase the chances of postoperative success but also minimizes that intra and post-operative complications.

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