Speciality Treatment



Joint Replacement
If you have acute pain in your joints, which is limiting its movement, and if no medication or physical therapies have helped, your doctor might suggest joint replacement surgery to you. If you are looking to get joint replacement surgery in India, consult team of expert doctors at Chanddni Hospital, Kota.
If you are looking for Arthroscopy surgery in Kota for knees, shoulder, elbow, ankle, etc., consult our team of expert doctors at Chanddni Hospital, a pioneer in orthopaedic surgeries and Joint Replacements.
We at Chanddni Hospital are dedicated to provide efficient triage and special care for trauma patients. Our team of expert doctors understand the physiopathological mechanisms of the injury and provide intensive care which helps achieve significant results in treatment of polytrauma patients.
Image Guided Surgery
We use the latest technology, Allengers U5u ultrahigh Frequency generator C-Arm Image Intensifier for image-guided surgery to treat all long bone fractures, fractures around the joints to get accurate alignment of the joint,orthopaedic surgeries such as joint replacement surgeries, in case of polytrauma patients, and also in spine surgeries.
Spine Surgery
At Chanddni Hospital, our expert doctors help you understand the pros and cons of the surgery and also nonsurgical rehabilitation. Our spinal services have established over years focused on care for patients with spinal problems. Our expert team of spine surgeons is committed to providing the finest care to the patients.