Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery is not as common as knee or hip replacement, it is however successful in relieving shoulder joint pain if non-surgical treatment like medications or physical therapy do not help.
In the shoulder joint where the upper arm connects to the body is called a ball and socket joint. This helps one to move their arms in upward, downward, forward and backward motion. Humerus (bone in the upper arm) has a round end; hence it can fit into the curved structure on the outside of the shoulder blade. It is held together by ligaments that connect the bones and tendons that connect the muscles to the bone. Cartilage (a layer of tissue), helps to keep the bones apart to prevent them to rub against each other.
Shoulder replacement surgery is suggested to patients with serious shoulder injury like a broken bone, ones with severe arthritis or patients whose rotator cuff tears.
Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India

The Procedure

During the shoulder replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the natural bone in the ball and socket of the shoulder joint with artificial material made of either metal or plastic known asprosthesis.

Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery: In which the ball at the top of the humerus is replaced with a metal ball. This is then attached to the remaining bone and a new surface is then used to cover the socket.
  • Partial Shoulder Replacement: In which only the ball is replaced with a metal ball.
  • Reverse Shoulder Replacement: This is performed in case the patient has a torn rotator cuff or if total or partial shoulder replacement surgery fails. In this procedure, the metal ball is attached to the shoulder bone whereas the socket is implanted at the top of the arm.
Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Recovery after Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Post the surgery; patients are required to stay in the hospital for 2-5 days. Patients may experience some swelling and pain for which medications will be prescribed. Doctor may suggest cold compression to lessen the swelling.
Immediately after the surgery, the surgeon will brace your arm to keep it from moving. After 2 days, physical therapy will start to help in movement of the arm and shoulder. It may take 4 weeks or more for you to recover. It is advisable not to hold anything heavier than a glass of water for the first 4 weeks and driving should be constrained for 6 weeks.

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